Fictional Promotional Poster for the MOTO TANK Series 
Entering the Arena
Maintenance and Upgrades
In the weeks between competitions the MOTO Frames are modified and optimized for the elements and adversaries that the team has deemed as highest priority.

The massive rolling road was developed in Germany and shipped halfway across the globe to the maintenance facility. It was originally built for large scale unmanned construction vehicles but it has been repurposed to run at a much greater speed. Many of the Frames are able to reach speeds in excess of 200kph with their multi-material treads. The exhaust heat generated by the BT-27 shown here is somewhat of an anomaly, the power train is a tightly held secret and we will have to make our own assumptions, but seeing as how they’re using two military grade Optima class heat sinks it’s safe to assume they’ve made some power gains.
Development Setches
Development Sketches
Early Renders
Original Exploratory Sketches
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